Re-fashion sweatshirt

One of my greatest challenges is to re-fashion existing clothes… so when the opportunity arises I jump on it… This time I picked one of my boyfriend’s old sweatshirts that he had stashed away.

Needless to say that when I tried it on it looked more like a dress on me than a sweatshirt. Well, my picture below talks by itself…


I took it off straight away and I put my creative ideas in practice. I decided to get rid of the sleeve cuffs and the elastic hem at the bottom ( I actually unpicked them instead of cutting them off). I also cut off the neckline to make it a little bit wider and give it a loose fitting around the neck/shoulders area.

The pocket was plain blue, but I added my finishing touch by sewing a small piece of fabric in blue polka dot at the top of it. I also took in the sleeves from the underarm all the way to the full length of it. I actually sew it to the desired size along its original seam and then I cut off the excess fabric.

As you can see in the picture below, I have highlighted with red the areas that were re-adjusted and blue the pocket area that was fitted with the blue polka dot


The type of fabric used for sweatshirts doesn’t frail, so I left is as it is without any stitching around the edges. It rolls slightly but it gives a nice relaxing and loungy look.