How to adjust waistbands

I bought recently a pair of chinos and although I loved the way it fits, I noticed that the waistband was quite big. I always use belts with my trousers, but to be honest I don’t like to tighten them too much to the point that my waistband has a gathering effect…

So, I decided to take in the waistband with a very easy and simple technique…by creating small darts.

Note that this technique works well with most fabrics, however with heavy weight ones like denim you may have to hand sew a few more times over it to secure it.

As you will notice my trousers had two small darts at the back, therefore to avoid adding more thickness on these sections, I marked my adjustment points slightly further to their left sides on the waistband – imagine the existing darts continuing up to the waistband in a straight line in order to figure out the exact position of your new markings.



I tried on the trousers and pinned the inside of the waistband approximately 1cm on each side:


Then I hand sewed the pinned darts and this is the final result:


And it fits perfectly now!