Knitting needles case

I like knitting, especially in the winter, making new scarfs and hats to keep me warm and stylish… At times I try to play around with different types of needles and stitches which normally ends up with all my knitting equipment scattered around…So I decided to get myself a bit more organised and I undertook the project of creating a knitting needle case.

I looked around on the internet to inspire myself with some ideas and I came across some lovely pictures and two very nice blogs: – Tutorial knitting needle roll

Madebyloulabelle – How to make knitting needle roll

I followed the tutorial from the Stitch Parade Blog as I found the step-by-step instructions very simple and easy and here is my case…








For my outer fabric I used light tartan fabric, but I have to admit it was a bit challenging to work with as it was freying a lot and during the sewing it was moving very easily. I would reccommend to use a cotton fabric instead (also avoid stretch fabrics for this project).

I finished each layer on the inside of the case with brown bias tape as it gives a nice finishing touch, but you can skip it or you can use another type of fabric instead. Small scraps of fabric can be handy for such projects!

You can also adjust the measurements for the pockets in order to create fewer or wider ones.


Regarding the ribbon, I added two sets on my case as I found it more secure tying it in two places instead of one.