Accessorise your ankle boots

These are my black ankle boots, quite new, but I felt they were lacking a bit of style and character.


I visited HobbyCraft to see what can I get to accessorise them and I ended up buying 2m of bronze gold chains and thin black leather cord. I wrapped the cord around the first piece of the chain and I made 2 knots to keep it in place. Then I started putting it through the individual chain alternating between the top side and the bottom, i.e. I pulled the cord from the top of the individual piece of chain downwards and through the chain and when I reached the other side of the chain I pulled the cord upwards. I continued until I reached the end of the chain where I made two knots to keep it in place.


Once I reached the end of the chain, I connected the two ends of the corded chain by tying the two ends of the cord (cut them shorter if they are too long). I also used a strong all purpose glue on the knot and pulled through the chains the two ends of the cord not to be visible.


These are how my boots look now… I love them!

IMG_8149     IMG_8147