Revamp your denim shirt

I bought this denim shirt on sale a few weeks ago, and although I really like its colour and fit, I felt something was missing…

It felt a bit plain, so I decided to give it a bit of character by adding some nice burgundy lace around the front shoulder seams.


This is the lace I used and the same colour thread.


I started from the inside of the front shoulder seam hand sewing towards the sleeve. When I reached the angled tip of the seam almost half way between my starting point and the end of the seam, I created a slight fold at the top of the lace in order to follow the seam line. Once I reached the end of the seam I was covering, I secured the lace with a few extra stitches to prevent it from fraying.

Tip: You can also attach lace at the top seam across the shoulder line as well.


This is my revamped and more stylish denim shirt…